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Same Tale, Same Mistake

And every time I play the old song
I think about you
time and time again

Can't stop regretting our seperation
Can't forget that I miss you
Can't stop thinking about you
but I'm living without you
time and time again

You turned life into something special
And now there's a lack of meaning
You showed me there's always a way out
But now I'm lost in this maze of daily routine

And this is how we grow older
And as time passes by
the wounds open up more and more
And I'm living without you
time and time again.


Death is never ending
It waits for you every time
Dreams are never fading
They make you feel alive
I thought I was strong
But I confess I am not
Because every time I think of you
Death and dreams are mingled
I see your smile and I want to die
You broke me into pieces
I feel your caress and I'm alive
You lift me out of the abysses
But I'm so helpless in this game of love
When live and death are mingled...

Pick up the phone

It's so hard not to call you
Not to think about you
And it's so easy to give in
To allow temptation to lead my way
But I have to be patient
I always had to
It might be childish, I might be cruel
Sometimes I torture myself
Sometimes I like to test myself
I know I should forget you, carry on
But I guess we both know
There's no easy replacement for you
And I'd like to glue myself onto you
I'd like to stick in your heart
And dwelling there I'd cause you
the same you brought upon me
Because you found it so hard to call me
So hard to think of me
So hard to give in
And you've led your own way
far, far away from me.

Invisible roads

I shall believe this is a new beginning
Finally I can create my life
But there are no longer roads to go
There are no aims left-
we realized they can't be reached
I see this is a new beginning.
It's the start to face the nothingness
that was hidden all the time like a cloud that followed me.
And now it starts to rain.
There's no future when you cannot make it come
when you don't know what you want to come
and how to make things possible.
There's no road when you have no aim
that shows you the direction you need to walk
to achieve what you want.
I shall see:
This is a new beginning.
It's the beginning of nothing,
and it's greater than everything I've ever known.


Ich halte deine Hand und du lässt los
Ich spreche und du nickst
Wir gehen eine Straße entlang,
aber du wendest dich ab
Seelenlos werde ich durch deine Abneigung
Zu viel schmerzhaftes Abweisen hat mich dumpf gemacht
So viele kleine Dinge akkumulieren sich
Und werden zu großen Problemen,
die mich und dich dann zerfetzen
Wir rennen in endlosen Kreisen
Du weg von mir, ich hinter dir, du zu mir
Aber nie laufen wir uns in die Arme
Nie laufen wir uns über den Weg-
dabei haben wir doch das gleiche Ziel
Egal welcherorts wir uns treffen
Irgendwann fangen wir an, die Stunden zu zählen
Die Tage, die Jahre, gekommen und kommend
Manchmal reicht die Vergangenheit nicht
für eine Zukunft aus
Ich halte deine Hand und du lässt los
Ich lächle dir zu, aber dein Blick ist leer-
und du wendest dich ab.

Have you learned nothing?

And you dwell in my mind
But not in my chest
And you caused me pain that
I can't forget
And sometimes I lose memories and
I wonder: Where's the rest?

Where is the rest of us,
of all we used to be
Where is the rest of you
and all I seemed to be
Where has the light gone to
that promised so much love and
hope and happines for us two?

And I still carry on without you
but sometimes desires just grow inside of me
And then I want to call you
or see you or at least be free
And sometimes I wonder
Do you think about me?
Have you forgotten about our love
and all we used to be?
Has the world changed for you
or do we still breathe the same air?

Where is the rest of us,
of all we used to be
Where is the rest of you
and all I seemed to be
Where has the light gone to
that promised so much love and
hope and happines for us two?

I stay

My mind won't let go
I'm thinking in circles
And I won't go somewhere
I've told you
There have to be rational people
When everyone's going insane

I start to believe that there's fate indeed
That makes you get through this
You're never alone
I promise you I'll take care
We need to grow up
We need a change

And when you'll leave
I'm still there
I'm still here
Now and forever

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